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Volar Security joins CyberXchange

Volar Security Announces Participation in CyberXchange, The World’s Preeminent B2B eCommerce Marketplace Dedicated to Cybersecurity

Viera, Florida – March 24, 2021 -- Volar Security today announced the availability of its [main products and services] available on CyberXchange, the innovative new eCommerce marketplace dedicated to cybersecurity and compliance. For the first time, CIOs, CISOs, and IT professionals can find and buy Volar Security solutions mapped to the major cybersecurity frameworks such as SOC 2, PCI, CMMC, and NIST bringing unprecedented visibility and efficiencies in building their cybersecurity programs.

Built on CyberXchange’s proprietary mapping engine and AI platform called Harmony.

Volar Security's solutions are available now at https://cyberxchange.apptega.com/?provider=volar-security-1

According to a recent study by PwC, 91% of all enterprises are following at least one cybersecurity framework, which mandates hundreds of requirements to quickly satisfy by sorting through a flood of 5,000+ disjointed security products and services currently on the market. Until CyberXchange, there was no easy way to find a product or service mapped to a specific framework requirement leading to massive over-expenditures, vendor overload, and inefficiencies. CyberXchange’s underlying technology maps the world’s leading cybersecurity products with over 10,000+ framework requirements giving B2B buyers a new efficient way to filter and buy the products and services they need more efficiently than any other approach.

Volar Security Consultation Services

With over 20 years of enterprise-level business experience supporting federal and commercial customers, we can help identify gaps in your information security program and assist in correcting any deficiencies in your cybersecurity and protection technologies. ​

“We’re thrilled to be a CyberXchange partner to help IT professionals more easily evaluate and purchase Volar Security solutions in a new and innovative way,” said David A. Africano - Managing Principal “Our customers/clients include industries and/or size descriptions, and CyberXchange gives us tremendous national exposure and reach to buyers seeking our solutions mapped to industry frameworks. This is something every IT professional will get value from.”

“We’re excited to welcome Volar Security onto the CyberXchange platform to provide a completely new way for anyone searching for great cybersecurity products and services to quickly evaluate and buy Volar Security solutions,” said Armistead Whitney, CEO of CyberXchange. “Through our unique mapping engine and AI platform, CyberXchange delivers the power of relevancy and choice for any buyer and budget – from big brands to verified emerging providers – all within a simple UI experience. Volar Security joining CyberXchange gives B2B customers an exciting new way to find and experience their solutions."

About Volar Security

At Volar Security, we understand that cybersecurity is not always easy. Since 2020, we’ve been helping companies of all sizes respond to cybersecurity and compliance challenges to stay competitive. Our years of experience working with global enterprises and supporting federal and commercial customers have taught us how to implement world-class information security programs.

Our goal is to bring this expertise to you easily and affordably to help your business navigate cybersecurity, compliance, and privacy hurdles with ease.

Our team of experts is ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving but thriving in the future. Give us a call today to set up your first consultation.

About CyberXchange

CyberXchange from Apptega is the first B2B eCommerce marketplace dedicated to cybersecurity. CyberXchange connects organizations of all sizes with verified vendors and products that map to the desired cybersecurity framework to address the ever-changing threat landscape and solve compliance challenges. Started in 2020, CyberXchange is based in Atlanta, GA, and includes hundreds of solutions from top category leaders and emerging providers. For more information, visit https://cyberxchange.apptega.com.


For Volar Security

David A. Africano - david.africano@volarsecurity.com

For CyberXchange:

Scot McLeod - scot.mcleod@apptega.com

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